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2024-25 Tryouts

2024-2025 Club Volleyball Tryouts



Cost of tryouts is $35 per player. That can be paid through the registration link.


  • All players who recieved an invitation for the 2025 season MUST attend

We will be holding Open Tryouts for any remaining positions not filled for ages 15-18.

If interested in being a part of the Elite teams, please send skill/match video to our director at

If you're interested in switching clubs, please contact Carly at or Julie at

2024-2025 Age Definitions

10's Regional Division: Born on or after 7/1/14 OR 4th grade and lower
11's National Division: Born between 7/1/13 - 6/30/14
11's Regional Division: Born between 7/1/13 - 6/30/14 OR 5th grade
12's National & American Division: Born between 7/1/12 - 6/30/13
12's Regional Division: Born between 7/1/12 - 6/30/13 OR 6th grade
13's National & American Division: Born between 7/1/11 - 6/30/12
13's Regional Division: Born between 7/1/11 - 6/30/12 OR 7th grade
14's National & American Division: Born between 7/1/10 - 6/30/11
14's Regional Division: Born between 7/1/10 - 6/30/11 OR 8th grade
15's National & American Division: Born between 7/1/09 - 6/30/10
16's National & American Division: Born between 7/1/08 - 6/30/09
17's National & American Division: Born between 7/1/07 - 6/30/08
18's National & American Division: Born before 6/30/07

Registration Process

Returning Players who have ACCEPTED offers and paid deposit.

a.  MUST register USAV and pay the $10 try out fee to the region BEFORE you attend open gym / try outs.


New to Crush and all other try outs.

a.  MUST register USAV BEFORE try out date AND pay the $10 try out fee to the region.

b.  MUST register for Crush try outs on the Crush website.  Follow this path:


            2024-2025 Try Outs tab

            Register for 2024/25 try outs (follow the link).     

c.  Bring copy of birth certificate the day of try outs.


How Do I register USAV?

USAV is affiliated with Sport Engine and runs all memberships through their website. It will direct you to set up an account if you do not already have one set up.

a.  Go to

b.  Select Membership tab. 

c.  Drop down and select Junior Membership.

d.  Select one of the following:  NEW TO CLUB (follow instructions)  OR

     Junior Try Out Membership (follow instructions),



2025 Season Coaches

Coach Team
10-1 TBD
11-1 TBD
12-1 TBD
13-1 TBD
14-1 TBD
15-1 TBD
16-1 TBD
17-1 TBD
18-1 TBD

All CVC Coaches


Carly Mckenzie
Julie Carnes
Bob Wood
Danielle French
Jake England
Niah Drayton
Savannah Johnson
Haley Toole
Destiny Easley
Abby Davis
Amber Woeste
Andrew Barnette
Brianna Schneider
Courtney Maier
Ellie Macke
Emma Massie
Gary Foreman
Jessica Carnes
Kara Heckmuller
Paige Bailey
Shelbie Hanson

CVC Ripples and cvc whitecaps


What are the Ripples and Whitecaps?

Great question! These are our youngest ages! There will be no cuts made at this age level. If you register, you are on the team! We want all athletes at this age to develop a strong sense for the game and fundamentals. We also want to keep it FUN! The coaches for this age group are specifically instructed to keep it light but fast paced, aggressive and fun so that we can grasp the attention of the the little ones! Boys are also allowed to join this as well! 


CVC Ripples are ages 7/8U and the CVC Whitecaps are ages 9/10U

Can't attend Tryouts?

Please fill out this form. You may need to copy and paste into your search bar. Form will close June 18. This is for ANY athlete in the TriState Area, not just CVC athletes.

Carly Smith


Phone: 859.743.0944

Julie Carnes

Coaching Director

Phone: 513-497-2421